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Laabha ladies ethnic Kurtis wear franchise in india


Laabha was created with the vision of reaching the masses with a quality product which is made in India with Indian aesthetics.

Laabha believes in celebrating the spirit of womanhood by adorning her in different cuts and silhouettes to flatter the Indian body type. It is an amalgamation of prints and embroideries on skin friendly fabrics.

Laabha is a salutation to the world’s most marvelous creation “woman”; it is an ode to all its avatars.

The true spirit of woman hood lies in letting her be, in embracing who she is, in admiring how beautiful she is...

Laabha... embracing, admiring and enhancing...

Adding fluidity to the mundaneness of life, adding color to your dreams

You Can Have Anything You Want In Life,

If You Dress For It...




Laabha has an extremely dedicated design team working towards delivering new styles seasons after seasons and bringing newness to your wardrobe